Darn that Watanbe Fleischer!


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Hello! My name is Jack(Dr. Clement Dostoyevsky, or Dr. Bernard Hank Phd.) ! My favorite movies are Old Boy and Clockwork Orange! I am the creator of the comic strip Irony, and Saint Elmo. I started such notable bands as the Kimchee ducks and am the bandmanager for Happy Hello. My arch nemeses are Watanabe Fleischer(a Japanese/Jewish ex. Yakuza hitman bent on my ultimate disposal) and Ralph(...). 10-4 on this im the leader of the Rakko fan club and the producer for such shows as "The A's of our lives Haguro High" and "thurston Reese, 70's Super Cop) in reality i am part of the band, hte norns, and anotehr yet to be named band where i am the lead singer, and i have recently combined the Mongol Khans: Westside Samurais into the Kaifeng Syndicate, a Jewish-Asian crime family operating for now in LA, but is moving into south america and asia.

Organizations: Elite Assasination squad, O'Brien Clan (An Irish Gang), Westside Samurais(territories in venice boardwalk), Mongol Khan (Another, Larger gang), the SLR, a Post Neo-sino socialist revolution front("Solidarity,Liberation,Revolution)